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At Spórtlann Naomh Anna we’ve designed a number of classes for people at all levels. If you want to go far, we’ll get you there. Or if you just want to lose weight and keep active, we have the class for you. Pick and choose the classes that you like, when it best fits your schedule. Book your spot now in our next sweatfest.



Kettlebells is a 30-minute class using a light to medium weight working both cardio and strength giving a full body workout. Expect to burn 400 calories.


Rep Effect is a full body workout using medium to heavy weights designed to tone and build lean muscle. Expect to burn 430 – 500 calories.


Spin is a 30-minute class using an indoor bike. This class gives a good cardiovascular workout, working the heart and lungs. Expect to burn 450 calories.

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Cardio Blast is a 30-minute class working on cardiovascular fitness improving heart and lunge health while working on speed and weight loss. Expect to burn 350 – 450 calories.


My interest for fitness came at a young age when I lived in England and took part in lots of sporting activates such as athletics, basketball and field hockey but my biggest interest was shot put where I became the Essex County Champion. My main passion now when doing my own work outs is weight training.


My role in the Spórtlann as a Gym Instructor is to help our clients meet their fitness goals by providing them with a one on one fitness assessment and program catered to their individual needs. I also teach group fitness classes which include Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Circuit Training, Kettlebell, Fit Club, Tae Bo, Boxercise, Couch To 5K and Bits & Pieces.

CLUB 100

Club 100 is a 30-minute class using a medium to heavy weight working to challenge yourself to achieve 100 Reps of each exercise. Expect to burn 300 calories.

To find out more about our classes give us a call.

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